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                       DelARTe:      Still Green and Ethical, and as always: 
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  barely @ it, DelARTe   2020 (MMXX)   


2020positive OR 2020 negative

Do we still have a choice? While democracy is being destroyed
by a Russian agent?

Well, as the sh** is hitting the fan,
are you complicit?

no point to go on

So you got a tan in Hawaii

But now the cops stop you at every other intersection.

Having your black poodle doesn’t help, because he barks at any

And all people that come near.

The vet bills are mounting, owing to stitches you have to pay for

Every time your dog is teased.

At first you thought it’s coincidence, or red sportscar envy,

But you know better now: It’s endemic.

Your president only exacerbates the situation

With his incendiary Tweets, making him complicit in an

Already bad situation.

So you told the FBI about Donald being complicit.

And now they are knocking at your door at odd hours

Driving the poodle crazy. And resulting in more vet-bills.

It that your concern Orpheus?

Well take a knee and pull up your socks!

Go and vote the Russian agent and his accomplices out,

All of them!

OR at least give them the ax the ax the ax!

A throwing axe for all agitators.

How about throwing our bi-bladed "Boomerax"
to settle political differences in government?
An effective throwing weapon for all agitators?!
We suggest free-thowing use on Capitol Hill.
(Batteries not included.)

Applied 20/20 division!



the red chicken might lay a blue egg

The red hen might just lay a blue egg. 
What you must do with this egg:

Bring the point home!

Do it!

Done by 2021!

So, you 've heard about the Covid 19 virus, have you?
But truth be told: Your pastor said to you it's just a hoax.
Now your grandparents are all gone (all four).
But they didn't change their wills in time to favor you.
Bummer, all you got are the fish from the aquarium,
yes, the one you set up to look like an HDTV, what fun!
But now the repo-man wants the coffins back, the four you just
had incinerated at the mausoleum, all that is left now is Suschi.
Is that what's irking you, Pagliacci?

Not even the melted gold teeth can be had as they are missing from the ashes,
cremation policy, they said; and the urns aren't paid for either.
Siblings from all over the country have suddenly reappeared
demanding their share of what little inheritance there might still be left, but
between lawyers' fees, funeral costs and all other claims there isn't enough
to cover the flowers that now have no resale value whatsoever,
especially when divided among so many claimants.
Perhaps that's what's getting you down, Bonky?

Yes, you decided to meet all this with a stiff upper lip,
after all you are still young and healthy, impervious to influenza and such.
But immortality is developing kinks, suddenly as a fever blister obtained
at communion is making itself felt and that cough that just started
is getting dryer by the minute. A call to your doctor gets nothing but a
recorded message. Something about "putting a lime in a coconut and call again."
Now your breath is on the blink as you huff and puff just using the PC.
Might that be what's worrying you, Bublitschky?

As your fever increases amid assorted pains from not being able to breath enough
while you call the emergency line that appears to be permanently busy.
Well, at least it seems so when your cell phone actually gets a signal in the
broom closet where you find yourself rummaging for that spare USB cable.
The one that doesn't have bent contacts because you can't get it into its mini-port.
When you finally find it, it looks like the cat has had an accident and now the contacts
of the cable sport some kind of nasty looking greenish corrosion crystals in the port.
Had you not goofed off in high school chemistry there might be a way to clean it.
Now it's too late.
Is it the recent past that is getting your ire up? Genius?!

So your party affiliation with the Donald didn't protect you from getting ill;
your lack of understanding of the news, coupled with your faith didn't
solve anything. Neither did your talks with your drinking buddies or your pastor
for that matter.   Confused are ye? All you can think of is getting a job to earn some.
Perhaps in that coal mine, the one you were promised in 2016,
or at least work on the promised iron curtain down south,
you know, the one that the Mexicans didn't pay for after all......
Seems too late now that your gullet  is having an allergic reaction to the respirator,
the one they got donated from some third world country where Ebola runs rampant.
Is that what's motivating your vote while your democratic system is being
hijacked by Russian interest?
Is that it, pal or are you just delirious after having willfully destroyed your own
safety net - you dope!

balance bm

So, you thought you have a remedy ?!:
But your home made face masks, didn't really work,
did they?!!!

  mask1  mask2

mask3  Mask4
Mask 5         mask6

mask7  decorate it  maskare  

And the winner is:

Keep your distance!!!
Keep your distance!!! But vote!!!

dog days

As you know: One disaster rarely comes alone.
Fire Season is starting early:


Wei brennan duats glei!

AI visions tie in with the new realities:

AI visions

finally letting go

dance in Athens

lead to red

The 2020 efforts at delARTe (so far):

Santa Maria Pinta and Nina  on immigration:
Calmer waters soon change into stormy deluge
As the concept is made public:

at the galery

Call for entries:

As we find ourselves in desperate need for an alphabet extension
 two of the many requirements are of major importance:
There is need for a capital:
"Ampersand" and a capital "At symbol"
You will be asked  to submit your graphic  entry on April 1st
to the following eMail:
A winner will be chosen and notified.


alternate play?

no no

The time its art, the art its freedom!

Jawol mein Wurscht

Saint Patrick's day has come and gone swallowed by the virus:

march 17 is almost at hand

close quarters

Close quarters makes for strange behavior!
Consider: Do you still use cash?
Currency with a virus on it?

dental allusions                     

Putting some teeth into the art

abandoned shoes
Abandoned by her kith and kin and all because she took to gin.

White Mountains Calling    better? Bristle cones calling.                     


Recent inspirational work & sketches:

As always:    "Out of order":

other half    painting the place vermillion   

Painting the shoe (above)
and importing things

An autumn leaf or a feather?

autumn colors are still seen

FXM threee busts
(click the heads to get to the Messerschmidt page)

squirreling away
Squirrel on a warm day in Nappa Valley

                      selfsimilarity from Ballpoint pen -

                                                            to watercolor pens  -  what to do with the concept

                                             to Prismacolor pencils  towards realization

alternate collisions another set

the defection Die Frauenschatten,
are you taking distancing too far by going over the cliff?                 

                                     land scape

                                              fire line

Possible nomer: "Colisionism".

    Meanwhile, everybody is still all "a-twitter" about the implications of

    face manipulation.  Moreover it's a program by a Russian firm: 

bench marks    The all seeing eye:                     


FaceApp, inspired, no doubt, by the recent nuclear melt down

in Russia and from the, still melting, Chernobyl accident. 

This clearly does not concern our president (also known as the "Moskau Mule"

who's family  is benefiting from nuclear sales to Saudi Arabia)


Leading to AssApp, no?where you will be the ass!          

So, we're going into space to make a even more costly mess out there?             

To boldly mess where no one messed before?!            

inception of Saturn            

Homage to Ferdinand Hodler (artist, painter):


slap dance

Peter Paul Rubens
alas, no longer in SF:

Tinkering with the Thinker

Annunciation       old and new

Oh cut it out

gefaerlich ist's den Leu zu necken

                                  puddy           The Venue:

        Laokoon & Co. reflecting      

The question bekones: "When is a Rubens no longer a Rubens?"
At the hand of: "Samson taken Prisoner"




    single pixel compression

Blurring reality, blurring the truth:

better w/o frame
Nuda Veritas. 
Don't even try to please everyone with your efforts,
evil comes with trying to please everyone.
Settle for pleasing a few, and yourself.
(Quoted freely after Friedrich von Schiller.)

Leading to:

Lossless compression is (as in JPGXS) finally making its inroads,

Our research branch has come up with just such an algorithm:
We compress an entire painting into a single pixel. The decompression
algorithm is proportionately still underfunded and needs to be
further resolved. Donations toward this goal are gladly accepted.

Meanwhile a compressed copy of your favorite artist's painting
may be purchased for $75.-/ 8x10, Including shipping.
The price will go up in October, so, order soon!
(Actual frame design may vary with availability,
depending on further developments with Chinese trade policies.)

(Contact info. at bottom of the page.)


Inspired by Balinese shadow theater:

The outcome is overdetermined shedding light on shady activities.          
(Ever feel like the rat?)     

When Henri Matisse kept looking at nude pictures on his death bed
when he was told by his lover to "cut that out." So he did:

cut that out!    Henri Matisse cutting it out


                            Distortion appears to be fashionable in 2019.        

                      square meal                       

framedcrack it up
  continued below

Other inspirational experiments:
Going nuts
with a "coco de mer" coconut
,    ( ca. 18"x22")


turning a new leaf over                                             
Pulling strings for ..........                                             


Ultima Thule is located more than one billion miles beyond Pluto
and more than 4 billion miles from Earth.
"Landsmann"; right! Nuts!

there's Pluto                                    


Perhaps go back to the good old days:

good old days           
Note: Who is holding the lance in the center panel?  A bid for the presidency?            

DelARTe from previous years ( samplers):            

Covering approx.:   2019A     2018      2017      2016      2014 and more            

Also: Check out the Death Valley index by clicking on the ghost below


Make sure to probe for active links inside images.    



goody, two shoes           holds a wine bottle                                                

not all red shoes are made alike               red shadow?                     

rot             distortion                              



                                   walk this way             the Red Shoe Story continues,       
just click in.       

                                                                                Balloon mein Frau, balloon? "Balloon mein Frau, balloon?"

mo shoe                           

And now: From the devils playground:

it beginns       it continues       mirror

Click on the devil to gage further implications.
If you wondered where this "slashing of the jeans
fashion" comes from? Well, it's a substitute symbol for
the self-loathing that can lead to slashing the actual self.

 A seagull left its own opinion (on the dialectic of liberation):

see gull    Golf?   no gull here                                                    

wind gust leads to temtation    and a sudden wind gust at the flea market.   


Gabb'em in Wien, memories from days gone by:

Wien am Graben 20

Recent Proposals :                                 

on empty                        





Change of course:


hiding pussy                 Puddy on the far side.                                                

dancing     My early computer work ~1984                           


found art          found art                                     

Using old solutions for some of the same old deceit:


on behalf of a reelection              Re-elections will be duly promoted       

            with fear and deceit and more  broken promises. Such as:

                                Rescue the coal industry with larger trucks

                 Rescuing the coal industry:
            With better, more efficient equipment!

"Putin Morgen, wie geht's ?" (Popular White House salute).

ol Joe s missing square                    Too bad it's not a missing red square                    

As Stalin would say to our "Moskau Mule": 
Mr. Trump, an "Iron Curtain" ?    
Why,........ that's a Russian idea.



Little has changed over the last 150 years.

Is "facial recognition" one of your concerns? 

    bench marks                                               

Could you ?

Wood you ?

Have you?

Did you?

Sit on this face?

Got to watch what you sit on these days!

rage         Let's reclaim our nation for all of us!                         

When will the Senate own up to their mandate? 
Mr. McConnell!
No more government against the people!                           

We know what you have done, we won't forget! Reckoning will happen soon.                    

And now, for something completely different:                  

Musings from the art history department at                            


.                                             a better rendition   St. Stephan


Answering the Question:    "Why is the cross on the crown at a tilt?         

Talking about the holy crown of St. Istvan:                                

After reading several thousands of words written by the supposed experts,       

I found that all participants basically conclude and agree upon         

that they don’t know why the cross on top of the Hungarian crown is tilted.       

Given the state of the art I too would like to add my theory to the fray:        

The cross is seated on the top of the crown by design         

(which appears to be verified by various scientific examinations).       

I therefore submit that the notion of putting the cross at an angle       

hearkens back to an eastern European and Mideastern         

 concept, where the display of perfection is considered blasphemous       

and therefore a deliberate flaw must be inserted to a display, humble       

deference to a higher authority for whom perfection is reserved.       

 The wearer of the crown with the tilted cross humbly       

defers perfection to a yet higher authority, namely to  God.        

pointing to the skies                         

.  Translations and such:

link to Heinrich Kleist story thorn  Click for your Heinrich von Kleist story in English.

Made available here in .PDF or .html                                   

Alternately go to a legacy menu options by clicking on this line and scrolling down to the Heinrich von Kleist entry.               

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (FXM - in English):


Click the picture above for an article in the Paris Review about

Friedrich Nikolai's travel account on meeting with FXM

translated and written by Herb Ranharter.

Otherwise see my legacy pages about Franz Xaver Messerschmidt


Vienna at night:    from the studio:              


Furthermore: From the turn of the 19th century:                    

"Balloon mein Herr, Balloon?"   (ref.: Third Man movie)                 

Wiener Fiaker                                                      

Fiaker waiting for customers at the Simplizissimus Bar in Vienna      
(see below).                                          

from a hundred years ago    amazing things at the flea market  experimental (?) linoleum relief cut       

(possibly a layout or a proposal.)          

Mirrored for your viewing ease    mirrored      the magazine                                                    


                        Amazing what can sometimes be found at a flea market.   

where it all playes out

Cabaret "Simple" can still be seen in Vienna, Austria.

Other, recent discoveries made in Vienna, Austria:

  VER = Spring SACRUM is just that the TAIL BONE           Vienna Secession Building             
VER = Spring, SACRUM is just that, the Tail-bone.           
Perhaps a little joke the Jugendstil movement afforded themselves?      


gates of sacrum  Schnaxelmoos  pattern                  

                    The trouble with Art vs. Art History:        

(Art history vs Art, vs the Museum.)        


You and many others have often wondered why there is so much “crap”      

on the walls of museums you have visited, leaving you wanting for better quality       

to meet your expectations. Well, this might be an explanation of how this perception,      

that is vexing so many of us, came to be:  Much of what hangs on museum walls       

is not necessarily good art, but is, more often than not, simply part of Art History.        

E.g.: the evolution of artistic expression. As such it reveals the development of an       

 artist’s progress and very often reveals what the museum can afford to purchase        

of an artist’s legacy. It would be silly to assume that every artist has fully worked       

at the peak of their  artistic achievements throughout their carrier.         

Only the mediocre work at their full peak of performance at all times!       

Much of what constitutes an artist’s oeuvre is the struggle for surmounting       

his or her conceptual difficulties and developing the skills required to make a        

satisfactory whole of what plagues his or her mind and to bring the final        

results to the appreciation of an audience.         

                                                                                   too much booze?

  What is typically done is part of an evolutionary process in the struggle for archiving a desired result.       

                                  derivative          Pestsaeule

Our newest Service
has not been well received,
perhaps because of lack of understanding. Each letter in
the DNA sequence receives a color instead of a letter re-
sulting in an abstract color painting unique to your DNA.

it's in my DNA and vice versa.     sample

Have you pixured® your DNA yet?

® is a process, much like creating a Fractal,
where your
DNA result (obtained elsewhere) 
is convolved into a painting
Contact us for details at the eMail
address at the bottom of this page.

Other Services include:
With cooperation of Banco di Spiriti Santo:

Indulgencies! 21st century style:

Indulgencies are back!
Remember you saw it here first;

Trump administration Discounts are available
for all the guilty accomplices!

Straight from our headquarters in Spain

from Spain            

Altogether skewed Views: (Skewism)
[Skewing around]

Scew your view:

Face it, we have been scewed!


Dying roses in search for a skewy vision:           


                                             Organics under scewed vision by two different parties:

                            one wayor the other

                                                  how the other party sees it:



in negative light?                                 

Gustav Klimt would have liked these   first impressions               

another one               

                                                                                   Through the two lips

a la turka               


Further Experimental inspirationals:

Games and other
Chromatose delights:  

the left  

    the center   

   the right


  orange and red blond        Chromatose

Sugar fix

Plus - Skew you:    Macro or or micro?  
Microscopic or macro edit?

Or broken glass?

doodle  Where is the truth?  What has he done with it?                                     

another one                                    



                you ask?! - Only a view through a polarizing filter away.
          The whole nation appears to be polarized lately even though they
          don't know what it means.
I, personally, find myself bi-polarized.

"What good is art if you can't abuse it?"
Another approach to scew you comes from a government associate who
lends her otherwise idle hands towards the death of art:
(She doesn't even understand the difference between art and craft.)

the Death of Art

Attempts at art in the hands of (bordering on the criminal) incompetence.
Imagine Mrs. Pence leading young minds into a regressive abyss;
  an effort to court the votes of feeble minded. Scewed up!

Tucks reader

You have heard of reading tea bags,
you have heard of reading coffee grinds,
reading sanitary Tucks brings the true
state of the union to light. Yes you have been skewed!

"What good is power if you can't abuse it?"

As the scandals spread into
the far
 regions of what wasn't much talked about:
Truth, is still the final frontier.
Everybody knows, but no one
wants to acknowledge anything
while fleecing their believers.

what the church tried to stonewall backfired    Like what the pope tried to stonewall;     
  an effort that clearly backfired

Finally:  Still looking for Susanna Wohlsein, actress.        

   missingmissingstill looking for Susanne Wohlsein                          

 please contact if you have information about her whereabouts.           
A reward in the form of art work will be given.             

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