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                       DelARTe:      Still Green and Ethical, and as always: 

"pro bono, contra malum!"                

Still @ it, DelARTe  2018 (MMXVIII)         

An artist's life's wistom :
                        (but then Depp down inside you knew that anyway.)                                 

No pointLet the Truth be spoken!

First:   Previously at               

  The legacy pages:                                      >>>  previously in 2018 <<<         

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 Here are the initial chapters                                                  
of the red shoe story:        

    Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5 .  

The story continues:                                     

               >>>  red shoe story chapter6 <<<                                     

Prepare for pointless rambelings of a lost artist;

nothing to sell, no focus, searching, searching for anything worth while.

Finding nothing (but at least lots of it).

Yin     Yang

Into the fold?        

balancing act     Balancing Akt

Meanwhile messing with organics continued::

peace process? No way, money making opportunity.     Arise, arouse, a rose.

wouls you smoke it?     Kraut?               

     Hope after the devestation.   




  yet another puppet:           another puppet:     

Or experimenting with inorganics, synthetics:

        Neue Fensterlein :   interplay  could be seen as positive

or as negative.:


It might even be a matter of preference, where

color correction  often reveals new aspects:


Beware though!   What you see ain't what you'll get.

You might be framed?!  So, prepare for tears!


Perhaps crafts is an answer, applied art,

evolving thoughts into practice:

 drawing         Sketch          result         

        From layouts to realization.        


Now for something completely different:

It's time to test your academic prowess:

                                  what's wrong with this picure?

                  Bi-Pal, you heared it here first!                        

(If you want to know the true value of Bit-coin try paying your income tax with it. )     

Liar, liar, hands on fire.

Are you being had? Again? Is there inflation in BitCoin?

Have you noticed a new wave of inflation since the new tax law?

The new battle cry is:  "Kick him in the amoluments!!!"

The red shoe still rocks!            rocking red pump             

Run and chew, but better not run in high heels,         

especially not in rough terrain.        

In the news lately:   The  red-shoe story  is no longer fiction,       

 nor is the shoe a prototype, it is now a product.      

The only difference: Bluetooth connectivity instead of USB cable.       

Further inspirational activities at the DelARTe studio:           


Model in a model space           

Red pump links to the delARTe model page

Are you in the picture?    TEARS jUDITH, TEARS!

Oh komm lieber Franz......


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