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barely @ it any more; DelARTe in 2022;                            MMXXII 

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2022 is upon us! Coming up: 2023

 2022    Kranz

catch as catch can

  Merry ? Christmas    fuer Armleuchter

2021 has passed!   (Advent went.......)

                                           Krampus still here!!!    the editor
"Nobody knocks at the doors of the dead!"
                                           Check out the NY Opera: Euredyce           



Never in the history of mankind, have too many been too ignorant about just about everything.
Prepare for tears!
He who doesn't know nothing will believe just about anything.

Simple installation the box promised. Ha!
24 hours later with hours spent on the telephone........

The kit has become the message, as PC's are slipping from tools to toys.
Updates upon updates, designed to make the money you earned and spent obsolete.
New "standarts" are being touted and toppled faster than the flaws they contain.
No discipline - no rest for the engaged, dropping out is no longer an option.
Making a mockery of the word "standart" onto itself.

On the lighter side of philosophy:
There appears to be more nothing than something in the universe
and yet nothing is generally seen as less than something.  

Happy New Year from  Herb                        


2022 with its ongoing turmoil stemming from Covid 19 still runs on illusions and fantasy
  since froad and deceit are the "new" norm established by D. Trump and his froadsters.

But face it: You are not, or will you ever be, in control of the ensuing chaos.
All the bubbles are poised to burst leaving us with the customary scum.
Bill in hand.

Illusions abound                  

  All illusions are bursting bubbles, what remains is the grime that remains on the platform.                 

Here is a prediction for 2022:                                                                                                             
Many of us will try their luck in small busineses only to find                  
that they cannot compete without becoming what they hate the most:     
Cheaters, fraudsters and manipulators - REQUIEM. 

Meanwhile winter seems to be yielding to early signs of spring:                                    

what is the tree up to?

New art                                                                       
and new white papers
                                                                                            by Frau Dulent. 

Here is one of her good ideas:                                                                                   
Repurposing one of those neck braces you bought in the air port at a premium price.
Well, it's time to get your money's worth:
Repupose it as no-spill-beverage cup holder while in bed.

                                                    You saw it here first!                                         

Ta daaah.......                    

relax your eyes, look into infinity

Does the future hold any threes?
The fortune teller (Frau D's sister)  predicts three.
So, scale the picture to your preferred size,
relax your eyes and
perceive three.


An idea who's time has come again: Reviving a Baroque conzept,
  a Covid Pest Commemorative Monument
(Covid-Pestsäule EU-style)  suggests itself, when its time
to commemorate all the turmoil;
once the Covid crises is at an end....

Coved - Pestsaeule Perhaps convert the Washington obelisk

Artistic Obelisk                                        Just another Trump Tower?

  Speaking about Baroque  -   how about going Neoclassicism route?

      FXM testing 

What, not enough disasters?  Not enough grief? 

We make some!

Denouncing your neighbors - anyone with a coathanger is suspect!
Forgive them, they knoweth not what they have done.
Wo needs the Afghanistan Taliban when they have Texas fundamentalism in their union?!
And still the companies move to Texas, oblivious to ethics and politics.
Mind you that is not just the coathanger manufacurers!

Back to denouncing your neighbors anybody with a coathanger is suspect!    Gone to Texas

Fire inspired abstract art;
Simple ingredients for comlex results, watercolors, dies and print:

Watercolor with simple dyes and light

"Nobody knocks at the doors of the dead!"

Check out the NY Opera: Euredyce

            Where has Alice gone? Long time passing.......           Alas, no more Alices ...


And now:  Impressions of "Hetz and Nachhetz"
Relax your eyes (look into infinity) as an antidote.

The fall is emminent

             Travel: Stereo in Vienna Austria:    

                                                                                                                               La Belle Viennese

                   "Der Schoene Brunnen?"  (you may have to scale the picture to get the effect   CTRL + or CTRL - )                                            

What's going on?         Suspended animation?
Or just hanging around?

homage to Johann Nestroy

Care to comet?
No!   Don't Look Up!

let the desert bloom

Climate change is to blame!
- this is not a photomontage it is a real photo, one shot, only the frame was added!

The dialectic of seasonality:



and a last hurrah .....

last hurrah



Emulating a drawing when creative feedback fails:

                                    pointin to what's left

And now: Springtime for the arts in the USA?
               Reporting from the "Fine Ars Fronteer":
                                        The death of ART is neigh.

                    So, thanks for all the fish and REQUIEM, make way for the * * 's
              ( [* *]  an adequate derogatory term has yet to be invented!).
                            Which means the entire Republican Art Gallery is more empty now
                                                            than ever, but: The nation can be great again.

                                                                                                                                                              One serious question remains: Are these supposed to be buidingd or just midle fingers?
Late news: As it turns out Muhamad Ali's is greater than Donald Trump's;
even though he never won against Cassius Clay.  see below:

     requiem      better art draws less money                                   

A lesson for art investors: More money for worse art.                               



Going from Mental health to physiological health in two or three pokes:

Get it??? Got it? Good!

Quoting Danny Key: "Get it? Got it?! Good!!!

As Covid remains largely an airborne issue - face it, and cover your face!

                                                                                   Voegeln       Protuberancing

Susceptable? Get the booster shot.Which side of the divide are you on?
Do you play poke her?

left poke   four fifths right poke

Count on reframing the problem:
Four's the charm? Maybe.
But how can you be sure? Left poke or right poke?

Party politcs and the animal kingdom:
                                                   There are lessons to be learned!
But(t) they are clearly not heeded! 
The supreme court has become an extension of the Trump party
Democracy has been sold out and eroded right from under us.
Dictation from the unbalanced minority will and has already followed
patriotisms and objectivity has given way to power-hunger and ignorance.
REQUIEM, for what could have been great nation. 


working on bipartisan solutions?

Making politics out of   "Back to Shool"  days?

Lessenings to be learned at Cuomo Elementary:

back to school in the 60's

Now you may rightfully ask why it is usually the Democrats that have
the sex scandals. Well, you rarely hear of a piece of elephant.


And now for: The terpsichorean muse


Beware of Greeks

Experimental Audio
- stynthetic stereo (left and right channels)
from a music box:

Click the picture to get the sound  Synthetic stereo - experimental

Other issues:
Speaking of music, poetry and dance come to mind:

lattitudes                 a different perspective

a matter of liking



Choreomania in orbit about Venus? Get the real story from Frau Dulent (below):

  Probing back in time on
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Allow things to unfold by relaxing and get 3 for 2:


Still wanted: Art models                        models    click the picture      
all applicants must be fully vaccinated and willing to wear a mask when asked.    

Go learn something new by listening to what Frau Dulent has to say:

.     Meet Frau Dulent & Co:

Here are the beginnings of F D's itemized catalog:        
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Please note:  The new member of our team: Dr. Ketman                                        

.Frau Dulent and Herr Doktor Ketman Phd., both graduated in 1984 with honors
from the University of Doubletalk in Washington D.C.

.Frau Dulent on "thou shalt not make images"                icon to pdf  NEW in 2021

.   F.D. on Choreomania  (dance to the death the real story)          icon  NEW in 2021
The root causes of a dancing to death phenomenon.

.   F.D. on Hypnoses - an introduction  (preview to the forthcoming book)          icon  NEW in 2021
About hypnotic induction via altered states. Click on the icon to get the fully animated .DOCX fle

.   F.D. on The Holy Trinity  (What actually happened)          Dante
Non-linear progressions over 4.5 Billion years.

.   F.D. on Doping and Geometry  (The key phenomenon)          key
Thoughts on phenomena and epiphenomena;  + ankylography

.   F.D. on color
(spectra vs. pigment)                                
                                           .       Let there be light:  History and thoughts about light ________________________

.  Fast Glas(s) taking advantage of a phenomenon    fast Glas   NEW in 2021                              

Thoughts on the nature of light

.   F.D. on Truth about Oedipus Lex__________________teaser
The truth about Oedipus's eyesight

.On the continuing evolution of language:                             French Lex:               


The following link on "Language and Translation"              
                                is currently under construction and may never be completed without your input.
                                                              Your commentary and contributions via email are encuraged.

       You may  contact me on  by eMail:   

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              .             Lewis Carrol on Math:            

Taking Three as the subject to reason about            
A convenient number to state            
We add Seven, and Ten, and then multiply out            
By One Thousand diminished by Eight.            

The result we proceed to divide, as you see,            
By Nine Hundred and Ninety and Two:            
Then subtract Seventeen, and the answer must be            
Exactly and perfectly true.            

.   F.D. on percent calculations      
Thoughts on simple math

.   F.D. on percent calculations #2     iron curtain
Thoughts on simpleton math

Math in general:

.   F.D. on coast line mathematics         
Thoughts on more complex mathematics

.   F.D. on pouring beer into a piano         
Speculations on on the past and future of jazz

.  Videography & Murphy's Law Extention          doors
The trials of trying to do a professionals video job.

the light rail train   click for Jolanda Richter's ART site  .                                                                                 

. About the tilted cross on St. Stephen's crown  Tilt on the crown
Speculation on explaining the tilt in the crown.

. The electric telephone and its origins in ancient Greece  yelling is the beginning of the telphone                                                                                   
On the roots of early communications.

.   How to bake a cake, Cissy Craner in Englisch TXL   Cilly Craner comedienne                                                                                               
On the poetry of cooking and such.

.   Climax Change - poetry for a fiery day                        Ma Percephone                                                                                               
The poetry of smoke and fire. 

                                                                          .  Fire                                                                            need to know
What is fire anyway?


Finally:  Still looking for Susanna Wohlsein, actress.        

    missing     missing      still looking for Susanne Wohlsein    Susanna Wohlsein SChauspieler     Sue Wohlsein                      

 please contact if you have information about her whereabouts.           
A reward in the form of art work will be given.             

your eMails are always welcome

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