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A new America may be upon us, are you ready? Will Wally vote?            

Modern times - this is the immediate fut ure                              If you need direction follow the hint


Aus dem Museum (fuer Ungewollte Kunst) <=> From the Museum of Unwanted Art            

Could be the Museum for Unintended Art           


priorities Prioritize, hold still, shoot straight.


portal for chromatic abberation    Down into the rabbit hole of chromatic deviance

by poking the magenta rabbit.    

Do the rabbit, Alice did!

We must sail the ocean blue,

and our saucy ship's a beauty.....

Or:  Prelude to Hunting of the Snark

preparatory sketches

An apple a day .....


An apple or Eve

bursting forth        

  come out come out wherever you are        

If one is to believe our astronomers there might be a black hole  in the middle of our bubble;       
 imagine an image of an ancient black hole that may or may not be there anymore,       
 making a "chirp" sound derived from the speed of gravity (whatwever that might be)        
by way of an interference gravitometer. It doesn't get better than that!    

Here is one derived from the corona on Jupiter:                                                                                   

in your black hole

This calls for a more down to earth perspective:            

it's happening         

        Or just unwrap the image.  Beware though: To unwrap it is to change it.            
Unwrapped perspective                

Mr. Schroedinger where are you when you're needed? Or was this just another wrap? Mr.DeMill.  

Speaking of illusions brings us to Translation, which seems to work only with the simplest of texts.
Truth be told:  There is no such thing as a translation.  There is merely interpretation,
hopefully done in the sense that the author had intended. This realization makes
 a thurow understanding of a text a precondition, which is usually not a given

( German <=> English     services are available    on request  contact

Free Sample:  

By Heinrich von Kleist in 1810 & still valid:                                           

  "Über das Marionettentheater” <=> "On the Marionette Theatre",    

published in the Berliner Abendblätter newspaper in December 1810  

It is still worth reading.     boy pulling thorn from his foot - sculpture                      
Read both, the   German   and/or the   English   translation on line.                       

                                -Or download a PDF version of each for reading in convenient time:                  

      PDF German    PDF English          and it's Free              


marionette on strings

Perhaps you'll free your center of gravity (or your soul).


FXM: _____________________________________________________

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt poster Franz Xaver Messerschmidt 1736 - 1783

The German original and the English translation of the definitive Book are now available.

                                        Book cover Messerschmidt by Poetzl Malikova details about FXM

 About a sculptor way ahead of his era. 

Now available in English translation

The structure of the document allows

comparison of the original German text 

alogside of the translation, side by side,

page for page.

Particular attention has been given to accurately

reflect the original text making this work also

well suited for language teaching purposes.

Over 69 heads in various states of  composure:

Messerschmidt head
Messerschmidt head sculpture Albert Sachsen Teschen FXM's revenge
Messerschmidt head sculpture

Both books are available to you on request , 

the German book is delivered as a PDF file.

The English version is delivered as Microsoft Word (.docx) files,

page for page allowing for editing as required.

Please Note:  Hyperlinks (because of a MS Word quirk) work

if the source document is installed as drive F: on your machine.

A complete set of files occupy roughly 250 MB and thus are best delivered on

a flash drive, on SD or better yet on a microSD card. Specify your preference.

The cost is $49.- including s&h and tax. 

Pay by  pay Pal logo  or personal check.

Contact:    contact
to initiate a transaction.

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The red shoe still rocks!            rocking red pump

                            the red pump on vacation

Run and chew, but better not run in high heels,

especially not in rough terrain.

In the news lately:   The  red-shoe story  is no longer fiction,

 nor is the shoe a prototype, it is now a product.

The only difference: Bluetooth connectivity instead of USB cable.

 Here are the five initial chapters of the red shoe story:        

    Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5 .  



Inspirational art activities:

Stick it to me     Just to remind you!


a broad appreciation           

Getting it out of your chair and into view at a gallery has its own rewards.                


Art is a reflection of the onlooker           

The art you engage with is a reflection of your self.        

You are in communication with the artist        

even though what you are thinking is not         

necessarily what the artist was thinking,        

but therein lies intellectual groth and progress.       

Otherwise you'd be just looking at wall paper.        




Color and presentation play a major role.        

Tough demands on the chromatose.        

Definition of "chromatose":                               

Those who are esthetically challanged        

having no sense for color combination and presentation.        

(Remember: You heared the term here first)          



anotheer good thing bursts

Another bubble is bursting, are you prepared?



Eating still life is cruel

Trust nature to provide color reference.



red appears particularly attractive


Presentation, e.g. framing, will help you blend your art into your environment.

So, when you buy art expect to purchase appropriate framing as well.


an alternate frame suggests itself


The simplest images can be enhanced with lush presentation.


suble colors and elaborate frames

You see?!



even simple pictures look better


 Enough, the point is made. 


Drawings are getting rarer, as art shifts to computer art.








Wether the drawing is done in graphite or drawn with light.


drawing with light



drawing with color pencil


In Prismacolor or drawn with Spagetti


draw with spagetti





White on black or black on white


traditional drawing

Or black on white, white on black, or chalk and color.


 neg. color drawing



another approach to color


Drawing up to the plate, e.g. voting,

will make a vast difference at the galleries!


we have made a mess of things


Things are in a mess. We all know it.

So, make a sensible move for heavens sake

( You see, the white king moves next,

or will it be a queen?).


impossible moves at chess



Back to the more mondane aspects of art: 

The muse, the model. 

Matisse and Kokoschka used a stuffed manequin.

Personally I prefer a real Model. So, don't be shy 

you might hang in a museum some day as part of art history.

Contact me, you too can make a difference in art history.


Model in a model space Red pump links to the delARTe model page


Click or poke on a red shoe in the picture above 

and see what's happening in the studio and

how you might become an ikon of art history.



maintaining the illusion


Got to run and chew, you know!



sister wendy's last directions

Soon Sister Wendy will be linked again.

And thus the empire was forged.        air your sole

bubbles are illusions


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