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No Intelligence

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red shoe in the museum shop                   

To find the Red Shoe Story Index and a sneak video pertaining to Chapter 6

                click me.      Note: Chapter 6 has been released in April 2018.            

     Hope after the fire

Experimenting with organics::


More organics:






                                  link to red 6

          If life gives you Bit coin make lemonade        Bi-Pal, you heared it here first!                        

If you want to know the true value of Bit-coin try paying your income tax with it.      

                                textra banana                                 

                Textra, sinistra - do you remember your latin?       

sinistra banana

Well, Satan is at it again: Internet-neutrality bites the dust.                 

If level paying fields are important for the steel industry

why are they not important on the Internet?

What else will this administration destroy

before the Morelocks wake up? 

Bears ears was "the biggest land grab" all right,
certainly when we stole it all from the Indians!
So, give it back to the thief's Mr. Trump.

Putin is winning.  So, at least cut out the middle man: Dump Trump!

Liar, liar hands on fire.

Liar, liar, hands on fire.

(in the tradition of St. Nicolas)

Yes you got it no point at all.........    unsetteling art            

"What is the point"  you ask?!
The answer is in the picture above.
(no point).

FXM mask       

Forbidden fruit?


The definig statement of 2017 (complements of NPR):



Against all conceptual harassment!

DuMiA! (Ume2!)


Fall is upon us, early,

a slow fall of the president

may also be at hand.

Pro bono, contra the 'Trumpenproletariat'!

But back to the latest from the red pump disputes:                 


Foreshadowing things to come.                                   

keyline drawing              She got crabs       

          the new player New sketchbook Kurt Schwitters derivative

Freud is froad by fruit

To find the Red Shoe Story Index and a sneak preview of  Chapter 6

Scharlotte SM

Many thanks to Scharlotte     

a morph                        

strange fruit

another apple

Recycled  images:

    excerpts    modern times

red repair     

big crabs   


something's fishy 

Something's fishy!           


Miau!   An uninvited guest at the crab cookout?


Well, almost.


A new America is upon us, are you ready?                                                     

Wally didn't figures.    Easy to get crabby....                                  

Modern times - this is the immediate fut ure                            

We are rapidly loosing any claims for moral authority.                           

The first assoult is at hand.                           

the first star  have your cake and eat it too                      

From the last 4th celebration.

The leading edge has been sanctioned by the electors, where will it end?                         

Tears upon tears, as the dismemberment of all that was decent is continuing under the reign of satan continues.                       

A meddlesome administration.                       

How to draw a caricature    Trum serum

For a "how was this done video" click the image above.

A) the true new emblem     B) new

Things have gone from disturbing to disturbed!

The assault on Internet Neutrality is the first step in controlling equal freedom of speech.

Putin loves this, he is already winning. Why are we keeping our middle man?

Dump Trump. When an insane leader parades as savior,                         

who will stand up and face the need to impeach?                         

The nation is in peril!!! 


you me too   impeach!           


"Nobody will be dropped off affordable care"                        
what he meant was:                                   
"24 million nobodies will loose coverage"                        

Make room for wealthcare  and prepare for more tears!                     

The Trumpenproletariat have fallen to "Richcraft"  plus the:                        

Trump's Golden Grope Awards


Do me a TrumpThe banner of the Neo Nutsy party.                                        

The end approaching, will this be the solution?                       

Will  the Morlocks repeat the mistakes of Russia from 1918.?                        


                    Charlie Chaplin peged it very eloquently in 1940, in "The Great Dictator"                       

click on the flag above to hear his 4 minute speach.                        


A few king pins have fallen so far, more will fall - prison terms are looming! Is there is still hope?                     

looking after other countries interests amount to treason!                                                      

Given the split in US opinions along the educational devide:                                               

We are on the foliote of a "Two State Solution" for ourselves.                       

red and blue split      Can demolition be a true vision for the future?            

How can number two be number one?  The arithmetic is inescapable.
Doo and doo makes doodoo, no?            

Taking down or putting up?                

Boosting military spending is an idiot's way            

to make short term economic gains - that's how Hitler boosted his economy.          

Our democracy is in serious peril !!!!!                                   

The nation is not divided, it consists of voters who can't divide!                               

If you need direction follow the hint

dance again or fall                                                                          

Dance again in the spring?  Or give it up all together?                                  


"Aus dem Museum (fuer Ungewollte Kunst)" <=                       

=> From the Museum of Unwanted Art:                                       


holy Mary?    Mary and Joseph? Maybe?        

Selfreferential imagery: E.g. drawing puddy


More puddy:

more puddy


The "new truth" table :              

time to get united?            

an exit solution           

the panic option               

What have we done?                

A nation divided into "deplorables" and "despicables."              

Which side are you on?               

Beware, in the end there will be nothing.                

The skill set required to extracate is noteably absent, busy work is the order of the day:       

Idle hands at mischief

But, back to the drawing board:                                                                                    

more recycle

Experimenting  in search of a new approach:

Select from a drawing:    crop1

crop1 this or that:

; crop the results might be surprising.

new app

Yet another new app..........trap....

old dog   dog day

Tired old dog

Cassandra crossing

between the legs    bambi

Soon to be horny..... a buck to be and his harem. 

told you so  

Told you so, but this was just the beginning:


who's fault is this? 

Oh no, no, not another cock book!

Oh no not another cock book! What made me think of that?


winter light at a low angle                glasses                                  

Winter light comes onto my sketch book at low angles.  Got to wear your glasses.



Prioritize (above all), hold still, shoot straight.                      


portal for chromatic abberation    Down into the rabbit hole of chromatic deviance        

by poking the magenta rabbit.       

Do the rabbit, Alice did!        

We must sail the ocean blue,       

and our saucy ship's a beauty.....     

Or:  Prelude to Hunting of the Snark     

preparatory sketches                           

Exit through the Museum Shop:                        

And find a recent novel design                       


in anticipation of the new design:                                                                 

When art anticipates technology. A design from six years ago.  

But back to work:      


another one            work                         

red shoe adventures in the boat                                    

                                  An apple a day .....                     


An apple or Eve               


If one is to believe our astronomers there might be a black hole in the middle of our bubble;        
 imagine an image of an ancient black hole that may or may not be there anymore,        
 making a "chirp" sound derived from the speed of gravity (whatwever that might be)        
by way of an interference gravitometer. It doesn't get better than that!    

Here is one derived from the corona on Jupiter:                                                                                   

in your black hole

Perhaps a more down to earth perspective:            

    it's happening         

        Or just unwrap the image.             

Beware though: To unwrap it is to change it.            

Beware of old light! Did anyone ever test if old light travels at the same speed as new light.            

I bet you they haven't, they take the old doctrines as for granted.            

Unwrapped perspective                

Mr. Schroedinger, where are you when you're needed?            

Or was this just another worped wrap? Mr.DeMill.  

Speaking of illusions brings us to Translation,                                                              

which seems to work only with the simplest of texts.           
Truth be told:  There is no such thing as a translation.            

There is merely interpretation,           
hopefully done in the sense that the author had intended.           

This realization makes           
 a thurow understanding of a text a precondition,           

which is usually not a given.           


( German <=> English     services are available    on request  contact )       


Free Sample:                                          

By Heinrich von Kleist in 1810 & still valid:                                           

  "Über das Marionettentheater” <=> "On the Marionette Theatre",        
published in the Berliner Abendblätter newspaper in December 1810         

It is still worth reading.           


         boy pulling thorn from his foot - sculpture             boy pulling thorn from his foot - sculpture                    
Read both, the   German   and/or the   English   translation on line.                       

                                -Or download a PDF version of each for reading in convenient time:

      PDF German    PDF English          and it's Free              


marionette on strings               

Perhaps you'll free your center of gravity (or your soul).

another puppet:            

Or: Center of grabity..........                     

yet another puppet:

FXM: _____________________________________________________        

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt poster Franz Xaver Messerschmidt 1736 - 1783       

The German original and the English translation of the definitive Book are now available.        


Good news:     There is now a new cafe right in Bratislava's old city core,           

not far from where Messerschmidt had his last workshop:           

The Franz Xaver Messeschmidt Bratislavska Kaviaren,           

the address is Namestie SNP 8           


And a new movie about FXM:           
Cas Grimas - Time of Grimaces         

a still from the film            


Return to the book:        

                                        Book cover Messerschmidt by Poetzl Malikova             details about FXM

 About a sculptor way ahead of his era.         

Now available in English translation         

The structure of the document allows         

comparison of the original German text          

alogside of the translation, side by side,        

page for page.        

Particular attention has been given to accurately        

reflect the original text making this work also        

well suited for language teaching purposes.      

Over 69 heads in various states of  composure:       

Messerschmidt head

Messerschmidt head sculpture Albert Sachsen Teschen FXM's revenge

Messerschmidt head sculpture

Both books are available to you on request ,         

the German book is delivered as a PDF file.        

The English version is delivered as Microsoft Word (.docx) files,        

page for page, allowing for editing as required.        

Please Note:  Hyperlinks (because of a MS Word quirk) work           

if the source document is installed as drive F: on your machine.           

A complete set of files occupy roughly 250 MB and thus are best delivered on           

a flash drive, on SD or better yet on a microSD card. Specify your preference.         

The cost is $49.- including s&h and tax.         

Pay by  pay Pal logo  or personal check.        

Contact:    contact
to initiate a transaction.           


at the delARTe studio:     

The red shoe still rocks!            rocking red pump             

                   new shoe

                                   the red pump on vacation    

beer and

cheese with that            


Run and chew, but better not run in high heels,         

especially not in rough terrain.        

In the news lately:   The  red-shoe story  is no longer fiction,       

 nor is the shoe a prototype, it is now a product.      

The only difference: Bluetooth connectivity instead of USB cable.       

 Here are the five initial chapters                       

of the red shoe story:        

    Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5 .  



Inspirational activities at the DelARTe studio:           

Stick it to me     Just to remind you!      


a broad appreciation           

Getting it out of your chair and into view at a gallery has its own rewards.                

Click on the irresistable.              


Art is a reflection of the onlooker           

The art you engage with is a reflection of your self.        

You are in communication with the artist        

even though what you are thinking is not         

necessarily what the artist was thinking,        

but therein lies intellectual groth and progress.       

Otherwise you'd be just looking at wall paper.       

So click on the bon appart.           




Color and presentation play a major role.        

Tough demands on the chromatose.        

Definition of "chromatose":                               

Those who are esthetically challanged        

having no sense for color combination and presentation.        

(Remember: You heared the term here first)          



anotheer good thing bursts

Another bubble is bursting, are you prepared?           



Eating still life is cruel            

Trust nature to provide color reference.              



red appears particularly attractive            


Presentation, e.g. framing, will help you blend your art into your environment.           

So, when you buy art expect to purchase appropriate framing as well.           


an alternate frame suggests itself         


The simplest images can be enhanced with lush presentation.           


suble colors and elaborate frames         

You see?!           



even simple pictures look better         


 Enough, the point is made.             


Drawings are getting rarer, as art shifts to computer art.            

Here are some:                          


at the gallery                  



A swift click in the center of the drawing might transport you elsewhere           





Wether the drawing is done in graphite or drawn with light.        


drawing with light         



drawing with color pencil         


In Prismacolor or drawn with Spagetti           


draw with spagetti         





White on black or black on white           


traditional drawing         

Or black on white, white on black, or chalk and color.           


 neg. color drawing         



another approach to color         



The dark forces are on the move, gone is the white queen.                       


impossible moves at chess         



But back to the more mondane aspects of art:            

The muse, the model.            

Matisse and Kokoschka used a stuffed manequin.           

Personally I prefer a real Model. So, don't be shy             

you might hang in a museum some day as part of art history.           

Contact me, you too can make a difference in art history.           


Model in a model space             Red pump links to the delARTe model page


Click or poke on a red shoe in the picture above               

and see what's happening in the studio and              

how you might become an icon of art history.              



maintaining the illusion         


Got to run and shoe, you know!           



sister Wendy's recent redirection

Sister Wendy has been linked again.          

A COMCAST-snare was at fault.           

And thus the empire was forged:        air your sole            

By way of illusion.              

To see the evolution of a drawing into an oil painting  click the red shoe in the bubble below:           

bubbles are illusions              

clippedy clop


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